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aji with aimaa presentation

This is the presentation done at AIM alumni meet 2006. I haven’t put enough words in it as I wanted to make it a participatory one. It last for almost 45 mins.

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there was a mix opinion among the audience. I let you decide, What is your opinion?

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This is a little stupid question, just put it to explain the need. You can also raise your opinion, Is branding required for AIM?

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Here I have explained that their is always a positive side for everything. The biggest advantage for lesser known is the flexibility to adopt changes, to experiment, to innovate. This can help us take over the leading brands.

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This is not the first time when we are thinking about it. Every batch did it but unfortunately it was not passed down the generation. We always worked as a batch but never as a organization. This was the biggest loophole of our existing system. I could recollect many who really did great work for AIM/NIMC branding. It is a right time to network the nodes through a proper network to cash the available knowledge to exercise the cumulative efforts.

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To network and to provide the right platform for all AIM branding I introduced AIMAA. Also I mentioned that it is just one step towards the goal.

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Then I let them fill the blanks, which everyone could easily. Also I explained that AIMAA desires to work at a strategic layer by providing right platforms over working at a tactical layer.

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Then the vision

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and then the missions

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Some long term plans

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The progress so far

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Some shorter plans

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The challenge for everyone and a call for leaders. “Fail and try but never fail to try” and “expect only .01% success rate” were few lines which always kept me motivated, which I shared with the crowd.

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The smallest thing we all can do is to thank the two gentlemen who took the first step for us.

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The policy that helped our company took better decisions, after every decision we keep asking ourselves, “will it take us to Nasdaq?”. I asked the student counsel to use the same policy to make better decisions.

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Hoping that it helped the overall cause. On behalf of all AIMAA members I request your participation for your own sake. Enjoy.

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  1. Dear Aji Sir,

    The Lijo+Aji combination is looking to be a lethal one and this presentation is just a trailer…I know much more is in store.

    Frankly, it was you who installed in me the josh to work for the alumni. So as usual you have not disappointed me by the presentation and also by the report.

    But it was unfair to single out our names when you , rana and some more aimaa core members are also the culprits of junoon called AIMAA.


  2. ur presentation is good .i can understand the thinking behind the scene. ur step by step bulding brand is superb . let it come in concrete formation.Best of luck

  3. Hello Aji Sir……

    The presentation is highly encouraging and simply wonderful. Thank U very much for that….. I wanted to say that, for any job in regard to making this AIMAA a success, remember, we are always there to work. In the next month end, I am going to Hyderabad, and shall meet Anil and Lijo sir…. and also thank them for this initiative. Right now, I am rendering E-thanks…..

    Smile Always,

    Bhanu ( MBA 7 )

  4. Hello

    Congratulations for a job well done, a very good initiative
    Keep the enthuu high and keep rocking…
    In Top 20 by 2010 – WoW
    Chook do phatte…
    All the best

    Akhilesh Gupta

  5. Hello Sir,

    I was present at the Meet but cud’nt get a chance to congratulate u…….
    My heartiest best wishes for the initiative u hv taken. I hope all of us can keep up with the good work.



  6. Sorry sir.. i could’nt attend AIMAA presentation…coz purane bichhade yaar mil gaye the… raaat se subha kaise hui pata hi nahin chala aur ek baar jhapki lagi to 11 baje hi khuli…..and also sorry about flip flop in stage…coz i was not ready at all… and stage phobia to bachpan se hai…….. but i’m working hard to kill this phobia out of me…. i’m trying to speak like an excecutive as u said in 20 min class……

  7. We all are in the learning phase, keep trying, keep learning. I am still waiting for the email count, hoping to get few dozen of emails this time.

  8. Hello sir,
    Excellent work. Thanks to all the people behind the work. Very good effort.I was not aware of the forum. But a great presentation. We may need to drill down on the idea for actionable items.I would like to be a part of the team so that I can contribute ( may be very insignificant) towards this initiative.
    Best of luck..

    Warm Regards
    Mithun Biswas

  9. Thank you sir, your comment gave me a new energy to work harder. I will always be looking for your guidance. We will try all our very best to make it a happening.

  10. hii aji sir

    wo din door nahi jab aapke comments ke list me “bill gates ” ka comment aayga . tab microsoft aapka blog kharid lega.

  11. Hi sir
    ur work is really appretiated and there is growing awareness in the insti about the forum.
    Sir i completely believe in making AIM a Real strong Brand.
    the college has started CDP (community development programme) and ill be happy to keep u updated with the latest on this front.

  12. Gr8 Aji,
    Your visions are gr8.Hope you acheive it soon.Proper planning and never die attutute is needed to do anything


  13. Thanks Sir, I will keep trying till we get the success 🙂 and I think with People like You, Lijo Sir, Anil, rajesh, sid and many more we can certainly do it. Thanks for the appreciation.

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