Website launched for Professor’s justice

It is teacher’s day but many did not celebrate it showing a support for Late Professor Sabharwal. If you are not aware of the tragic incident about Professor sabharwal then please read on some recent newspapers., this might help.

Today his son launched a new platform to get justice, as this is just not a case against one but against powerful parties. This news is not yet public but still you can get access to his site at I think we should support him get justice for our own sake. We need to make one citizen powerful enough to get justice at all cost. I do not know whether political parties inside colleges are good or not but I certainly know that a lot of people misuse the powers. If you are given power then you are with additional responsibilities as well. Do all understand this? What are the criteria for becoming a student youth rep for any political party? Why take a path of violence? Hope we learn some lessons from these cases and correct our systems.

This is not the first time when the online media is used for petitions. We have seen it with Jessica lal case and Priyadarshini Mattoo too. I wish Himanshu Sabharwal all my prayers and also offer him my availability for any possible help. Let’s stand for our rights. There can be no better time.

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  1. On the ocassion of teacher’s day u wrote a good post and u r supporting MR sabarwall son’s site for a nobel cuse.u r able to give some advise to make more popular this site

  2. Himanshu is getting threatening calls now. This is turning out to be more political (sad we can’t survive like a normal citizen). I heard that he is planning to join congress as well (I am not sure of it). I think we should support a normal man not to win but atleast to fight fairly. Let the court decide without any influence.

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