Remebering Good old days

I will carry on my posts with google bot activities. I will be writing about how Google Bot visits your blog without making a cache and how you can force it to make a cache. Let’s experience some lighter part of the life.

Do you know this fellow?
Dinesh Upreti
This is my friend Dinesh, Who recently updated his orkut avatar. This reminded us about last world (2002). I with Dinesh and Mehta stayed back during our vacations to study and to work on idealog. Plans remained plans and we adopted a different timetable.

Dinesh says
I can’t forget that incident. “Brazil fans.. good”… Yar that stay at hostel is still in momory. Mehta,me and u.. watching movies,play tt,basket ball, and mehta and me playing fifa.. heavy breakfast.. Pramod kee 4KG ka ekkk mango .. Where is Pramod.. are u listening this.. Get me that mango

I with Mehta decided to support Brazil.
Aji Issac

I wrote back to Dinesh’s scrapbook (Lazy to rewrite)
haan yaar, woh din be din the, aur rathe rathe. Sleeping till 11, then tea and then back to TV room for football matches. Lunch and back to tv room, evening Mango juice, basketball court and then movies. After movie sometimes to GP at night. We stayed back to study but I wonder if we even dared to do that :).

I remember the notices against us to vacate the rooms and after accepting the Brazillian protocol we were respected as Fans :). Pramod ki kahaniya, Warden Maam ke saath breakfast. Chal yaar its already 12:00, I am off for the day and for the night.

Those were some good days of life. Remembering all those times.

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  1. Sirjee main kya likhoon mujhe to bas scrap karna aata hai….blog vlog apni bas ki baat nahin hai……baat to mast boli waise upreti sir ne….shi main NIMC days were awesome…..aaj kal TT khelne kohi nahin milta..

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