“Who should read this” section for blogs

Who should read this: All who are serious about blogging and wants to try new things with blogs.

Notice the recent posts,

If you notice the recent posts including this one you will see a section called “Who should read this”. I have added this section to save my regular visitors time. I prefer to write on various topics from Search Engine Giant Google to Directory head Hedir, from marketing to HR and everything else available under Google search. Also I sometimes hundreds of words. Due to diverse and long posting my daily visitor may find themselves lost, or they may miss an important post so I decided to add this section to help them decide.

I have added it as I myself is more of a blog reader and I read following from home

I read many others from office which is mostly related to US credit system or Online marketing. I have added it as a live bookmark to save my time.

As I reader I always had problems in determining the post’s worth for me. I certainly do not want to waste time in reading something completely irrelevant and more importantly I do not want to miss any important topic because of irrelevant start or unassociated topic title. Do let me know your opinion about this addition.