A keyphrase document

I wrote a keyphrase analysis document at webmasterworld which is now available in the library, http://www.webmasterworld.com/libraryv4.cgi?viewforum=8 (the first one, a guide to keyphrase analysis) , at webproworld there were discussion about this document.

You can directly access it from http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum8/1560.htm.

This is just another excuse for not writing an useful post today. I am coming late and then GYM session is draining my energy off. Tomorrow I will be coming a little early to compensate for it. I am working on P3P (Privacy Preferences Project) as myblogplanner is getting blocked when used with IE. There is a problem with third party cookies and IE’s medium level privacy (default these days) setting.

I know how to fix it, I will be doing it in a day or two but before that I wanted to read more about P3P and its implications. Also I studied about Microsoft Phishing Filter Add-in for MSN Search Toolbar (which will be a head ache with IE 7). I have done my studies now need some practical checking. Hopefully on Saturday I will spend some time with it.

Good night people.