– Indian Google? GYMA Comparison chart

Who should read this: Though it’s title is but it is a small analysis of Search engine working. Anyone who is interested in search engine optimization can analyze it and understand SEs working. Small keyphrases and small data sample give bigger clues. Interesting factor is DMOZ listing and Content value. If you want me to do something with the sites let me know I may do it to help you analyse.

I was contacted to review supposedly an Indian replacement for Google.

Here is my small analysis for different search engines,

    I searched for “aji issac” and it gave me  and as first 2 results. It doesn’t have 0catch site in top 10.
  2. and followed by blog and all my other articles.
  3. MSN above and then some forum topics followed by one blog where my name is only mentioned once. Many other topics where my name is only mentioned once.
  4. Ask , no blog URL in top 10, followed by
    No Trace of and have all the blogspot blogs where my name is only mentioned once (blogroll).

What did I expect?
I expected to be at #1 followed by domain and then forums and articles from other sites. Also in between 0catch and ajiissac.blogspot can also be adjusted. I am active on blogs for over 1 year and I have not touched 0catch for almost 3 years now. I did some keyword optimization on 0catch as those were my early days of SEO.


  1. Google is very intelligent it checks the traffic, activity, content is not than important as that on links, what ever has more links is on top. Active status is also helping it. 0catch a keyword rich site is not in top 20 says it all.
  2. Yahoo believes in Content as it value content over anything else. 0catch is on top which does not have even one visitor in a month and hardly any links.
  3. MSN gives value to main domain over internal pages, coming before is surprising. Rest is low quality forum pages for me, I do not know why is it ranking.
  4. Ask have no blog URL, very surprising. It does not value links at all, it focuses on content and keywords.
  5. Guruji needs to improve it is just showing all the links from blogspot, is it a blog search. Very surprising, they need to improve a lot.

One big factor
0catch has a DMOZ listing (check Mathew, Aji Issac), I use to love DMOZ before I started helping Hedir to devour it.

I think I should spent some time and do a better analysis as I know what I did with all these sites. Also I know that there is no Aji Issac who has a better online presence. You too can do some analysis and put your expert views here.

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  1. – Indian Google?

    Not even close to being a problem for any search engine unless DMOZ vanishes.

    Look at the bottom of the page where DMOZ is

    Wanna see the same content?
    guruji –>
    DMOZ –>

    There are many scripts that let you download and use DMOZ to start with and also keep your site up to date with anything DMOZ does.

    They have nothing special happening or a huge list of engineers doing anything great. It’s just another DMOZ replicated site with additions offered by web surfers. Their search feature for the site is simply searching this DMOZ replicated directory.

    They have no special robot traveling all over the web looking for sites.
    Someone submits a site that DMOZ didn’t already have and then the robot gets a meta description and title from the submitted site on its own.

    It’s a copycat site to look like something it isn’t needs to be a real resource if it wants to be treated as one. As of right now all the engineers they brag about in their About Us page can be done by one script kiddy.

    The quote from their site is:
    “Our team of young, dynamic and passionate engineers from India’s premier institutes like the IITs,IISc and other top engineering colleges, is working arduously to make this product better each day.”

    that’s funny stuff there.

    Google Junky

  2. I did a search “aji issac” on the four search engines you have above and added quotes and then no quotes.
    The only results that checged were Googles results for each search. Google seems to be a bit more touchy about exact phrases.
    I have no background as to this search term on these sites. Like dates when the word was added or know anything about the site they are on.

    Do you have a common word to search for other than the name or were you looking for something particular?
    aji issac could come up with some real skewed results since it is a name and not left in quotes.
    Searching for something unique would give better results if we are really looking for something as a test here.

    For a real investigaiton you have to have a set of 3 search words/phrases to compare results. You won’t be able to just go on the first thing you see.

    That’s just my opnion though.

  3. Thanks GJ, these domains were ignored except and this blog, I was surprised to see dead sites ranking in Yahoo. It is about an active site (fresh content) and dead site (unchanged content), It is about content optimization (0catch site) and links (this blog), it is about DMOZ listing (0catch).

    I will surely do more analysis on it. Thanks for your comments GJ, it is highly appreciated.

  4. I think that yahoo is not reliable.
    Another interesting thing that You have to analyze is social bookmarking. If You add Your pages to those sites You can climb the tops of link popularity…
    Nowadays, where is the difference between TAGS and keywords??

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