My Dentist said how, why and hmm

As I said in my previous post (Do give it a look, it is about “Why people leave company?” by Azim Premji and Dr.Gopalkrishnan,Chairman TataSons). I went to meet a dentist. As many other I hate to visit dentist and you can call it a phobia. Finally after some pressure from my parent I decided to visit “The Gentle Dental Center” run by Dr Rajesh Venkatesh, B.D.S, DPH(DENT.) Australia. He is supposedly one of the best. He can only be met with an appointment. I had taken this appointment some two weeks earlier.

His Junior doctor made the initial checkup and gave the report to him. He enter the room and said, “How, why and hmm…”. “Aji How are you managing”, “why did you neglect it” and “hmm… you need a long treatment”. According to him my condition is no better than that of Bihar Roads.

Btw I really liked his cell which was running some good gadgets and if I am not wrong then it had windows XP professionals. It could show me some demos of bridging, root canals and so on.

tooth and dentist

There are eight tooth that needs special attention, one root canal, one bridge, 3 or four fill ups and few small patch ups (sorry I forgot the technical terms, hoping to use Google refine results for such browsing, see an example for ear infection where it has refined the results. I will soon write about these refine result algo).

dental checkup

Wish me good luck and DO HAVE REGULAR DENTAL CHECKUPS as a tooth can have cavity in just 90 days.

8 Replies to “My Dentist said how, why and hmm”

  1. It doesn’t look like the way it’s shown. Whatever it seems, take care of it.. It’s precious, with or without it.

  2. I wonder you visited a dentist or a se–logist. Perhaps, you may have been in the wrong hands.

    Hope he understands where you were having the real problems and not mistaken with something else.

    On second thoughts, are you misleading everyone?

  3. Hi,
    The picture is very funny and also pathetic.

    I will surely go for a routine check up so that the root of the teeth does not increase so long.

  4. Thank god its the wrong cartoon. 🙂 Hope you are in safe hands, or should I say, in the hands with the right gadgets. 🙂

  5. God bless to all those who visit Dentist….

    but in future I don’t think so that we have to visit them when we’ll brush our teeth with laser brushes……

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