Why is Aji not blogging frequently?

I get these mails quite often and I am really sorry for not blogging frequently. There are many things which are keeping me busy (some leaving heavy tensions as well) :-

  • Office work: We need to go for a heavy recruitment drive as our new office is almost ready. Before going for the recruitment we want to clean up the house to give it a fresh start. We are working on overall policies, salaries and team configuration as a part of planning. HR manager is keeping me really busy with all puzzles, IQ tests and other exams (to set an expectation mark for new candidates). I can give you a hint (esp those who are appearing for “Grmtech try outs” :

    There are group of four animals which needs to cross a road. Each animal takes its own time to cross the road

    1) Lion takes 2 secs
    2) Tiger takes 1 secs
    3) Elephant takes 5 secs
    4) Tortoise takes 10 secs

    There are three conditions
    1) At a time only two animals can cross the road.
    2) They have one white flag (symbolizing peace) which must always be with the animal crossing the road at any time. So when tortoise and tiger is crossing the road then need to hold the white flag and when tiger returns alone to take the second animal it needs to hold the flag again.
    3) When 2 animals cross the bridge, they together take the time of the slower animal. For example, if tortoise and Tiger is crossing the road together then they take 10 secs.

    What is the minimum time required to cross the road? Bill Gates says that 17 sec is also a possibility, what do you say?

    I have rephrased the question so excuse me for the English. You can post your answer here or mail me.

  • I am writing a book on “Future of Blogosphere” and doing a study on blogsphere. (some discussions at WMW as well).
    Blogosphere analysis
    So you can expect a post on blogspot (Google may not like it).
  • I am trying to generate few lakhs for Church building through some creative ways.
  • United common convention is coming and we need to plan for it. Also the Christmas season is here so busy with cake making campaigns.
  • Dental checkups

I like blogging and will try to post soon. I will post about

  1. Personality and character (Which I promised a long time back). I recently had delivered a speech on spiritual character and personality at a youth meeting. I have learned few things about it. I will love to share it.
  2. Why people leave a company? I have done some good studies and will write my observation. I have already termed it as “Battle of energy spheres” and also shared it with HR manager.
  3. A big post on blogosphere and blog promotion.