Simple Keyboard tricks for Website Browsing

One of the key to success is time optimization. Creating more than 24 hours in a day is not a possibility except on Oct 28, where you get 25 hours a day. But improving the effectiveness of the 24 hours can help you create more hours within the given 24 hours. I was doing this small keyboard trick when I came to know that some of my colleagues did not know this, so I thought I should share it with all. These are really simple tricks

Here are some of the keyboard tricks for faster browsing (works only in Firefox). Type google and press Ctrl+Enter to add www and .com to the domain. This trick also works in Firefox, which has shortcuts for “.net” and “.org” as well:

.com -> Ctrl+Enter (works in IE too)
.net -> Shif+-Enter
.org -> Ctrl+Shift+Enter

Here are some other links for keyboard shortcuts

Enjoy the shortcuts for faster browsing.

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