Cleared my driving exam and Tax investment

With all the meetings, ppts, excel salary docs, TT practice, AGM docs for non-profitable organizations (and …), I was learning driving as well (thanks to our CEO for forcing me learn this as a company task). Today we had the exams (so had to bunk the meetings), from 12:00 noon to 4:30 pm it was a long wait and less testing. I was just asked to drive some 300 meters with one left turn, he checked how I start, first gear, second gear and speed control (all went fine :)). Then some 5 queries based on traffic boards and signals (all went fine) followed by photos, invisible signatures (thats what I was told about digi signatures). Finally it is done and passed, you can congratulate me.

Things that I have not learned (or not taught)

  • Driving with left hand over the side seat.
  • Driving with mobile on.

Along with the driving exams I had to make some last moment investment to save tax (Oh God, Huge taxes again), invested in ELSS and HDFC Unit Linked Insurance. We had a series of lectures (with sales pitch but followed by tough scrutiny from our tech team members who prefer the word earning and spending over saving).

I will be taking a leave on Saturday as I am really really tired. Also will finish all my pending mails on Saturday.

3 Replies to “Cleared my driving exam and Tax investment”

  1. Congrats Sir. 🙂
    BTW Sir, you might have not learnt driving with your left hand over the side seat, but I suppose, you would have to, or rather you would need to do that not before long. I hope you understand what I mean, Sir. 🙂

  2. But the problem with this would be that the other party wont be able to concentrate what is coming in the front.. cuz someone on the left side would be attracting all the attention. 😀

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