Live Review for

As mentioned earlier I reviewed I did a live recording for and converted it to a video. It took me almost an hour to do it. I did this last weekend. I tried to upload it at youtube, yahoo videos and many other video sharing sites without any success (reasons of failure: 25 mins video is not allowed, some codec problems and few more reasons). I am happy that finally it is uploaded successfully.

(for full screen video click here)

Summary of the review
I did not like the model much (thats my first impression). Networking sites are known for networks not applications. Internet is a village, there is no place for two identical shops. People will hang out where other people hang out. A long way to go for, hope my little feedback helps.

I have decided to review some more sites during this weekend. If you want a review for your site please add a comment and I will add it to the queue. I will like to review it from marketing point of view. This week I will review