More work for SEO – Even unborn babies need SEO

You’re a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well” say Is it talking about businesses? No, this time it is about individuals, the unborn babies.

Number #1 in Google SERP
I stumbled upon, which says,

So when Ms. Wilson, now 32, was pregnant with her first child, she ran every baby name she and her husband, Justin, considered through Google to make sure her baby wouldn’t be born unsearchable.

Great. Will future babies have md5 encrypted names too :)? I forwarded this article to SEO groups to motivate them (who are somewhat depressed with recent Utah episode).

A scene from 2009, Aaron Hall’s office.

Client: I want to name my baby?
Aaron Hall: Thats great, everyone needs to name their baby, how can I help you?
Client: All the names have high competition in Google, I want a name which is SEO friendly, easy to remember (should pass phone test), easy to search and should be able to rank #1 in Google in next 8 month 12 days.
Aaron Hall: Do you have a paypal account (owned by Google by 2009)?
Client: Yes, I do have.
Aaron Hall: Do not worry Maa`m, you deliver baby I will deliver the ranking.

If this craze picks up then no one will ever name their baby’s Matt. Guess the future names then?

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