Google helps in Simple Hack to other’s server – Munin

Wanted to learn how much CPU or memory other servers utilize? For your own server you can always do some linux command to get it.

Use Top, uptime, free -m. But how to see other server details, use one command Google (this query will show you different people using munins for server monitoring).

Some of the examples :-


It is advisable to make munin directory password protected (as you do not want to shell out any information about your server).

2 Replies to “Google helps in Simple Hack to other’s server – Munin”

  1. Ha Ha, Do not blame Google for that. Look at Google’s guidelines, you should tell the bot what not to do.

  2. Google (search engines) comes with a list of extra risk. You can find any crack easily. WIth google it would have been really difficult. Matt rightly said that we still can’t blame Google for it.

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