Open letter to Indian Mag editors

This is an open request to all the Indian Tech Magazine Editors. I will like to share my experience with Web and Online business for Indian startups/bloggers/web+aspirants through a quality tech magazine. Please let me know, I will be more than happy to start next month itself. Many are insisting me to start the series on this blog itself (Sorry fellows, this time I will like to give first priority to a magazine, if it doesn’t work out, BLOG Jindabad).

About me

I am in web business for last 4 years. 4 years back when I was doing my Masters in Computer application (A techno manager concepts including almost 1.5 years of MBA, I was very lucky to be a part of it) from Army Institute of Management, Kolkata (then National Institute of Management. I did not accept any big offers to join a startup company working on web products. I then devoted almost 15,000 hrs on online business. As a technology leader, marketer, part time HR manager and all time student, I am able to guide many startups/blogs/web+aspirants to success. I waited for 4 years to see this boom in Indian web market, now I have the permission/time to write one page per month for mags. Recently we conducted the Indian Business School Blog hunt and I was very happy to discover some great blogs. My blog has more about me.

Why I want to write?

IMO people have seen the early online harvest phase for US and UK, from Googles to Amazons, most success stories are very inspiring but still we Indians are missing some core character of web, the simplicity, purple cow concept and the backbone technology. Also we are going more commercial. Hardly I see any Indian company that is doing hardcore web research. Good web products will not come by copying successful concepts alone but with core research.

I am basically into crowdsourcing. I will like to write about following issues

Guide for Internet Gold rush

  1. Issue 1 -> Don’t let your parents name you again (choose the right domain name based on your vision). Here I will like to talk about various aspects on domain name selection including the phone test, billboard test. Also how important is to book other related domains ( bought for 1 million dollars). Choosing right domain is very important and this issue will answer most part of it.
  2. Issue 2 -> Web business is a pure brain business (make sure you are not washed away with Indian manpower quest). Here I will like to talk about how important is brain power for web business. Not all companies can find the gold nuggets, you need the right brains. In India we need right brains getting right training and exposure.
  3. Issue 3 -> Choosing the right platforms.
  4. Issue 4 -> How network is important than work.
  5. Issue 5 -> Which communication platform to choose? – Internet has defined and redefined communication, from emails to websites, from blogs to wikis, from forums to google docs. This issue will help you choose the right communication platform.
  6. Issue 6 -> Haunted by SEO experts, watchout. The basic of SEO.

The issues will carry on. I hope Indian entrepreneurs/bloggers/web+aspirants will get good help from my experiences through your mag. I am looking for following quote:

  • Can I get a regular section per month (just one page) with a proper branding. I can also answer 2 queries per month (so may be 1.5 page per month). This needs to be a regular affair every month. I want people to wait for this section every month.
  • How much will I be paid for each issue with question and without question?

Looking forward for a long relationship with one magazine.

Aji Issac
[email protected]

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