Is kitchen sink syndrome a risk for web products?

This belongs to the list of commonly and frequently asked questions, Is kitchen sink syndrome a risk for web products? As we know that kitchen sink syndrome is considered a risk under project management. Oops, Btw kitchen sink syndrome is unplanned changes to a project. Mainly referred to the changes at scope level and thus sometimes it is also known as Scope creep. Wikipedia offers more about it.

It is considered a risk because:-

  1. It often results in cost overrun.
  2. It can also result in a project team overrunning its schedule.

It may not be true for Web products as:-

  1. The Cost involved is very low.
  2. Time consumption is also very low, if proper open source classes are used.

I have personal experiences where kitchen sink syndrome was proven very profitable. On web we go with release early and release often. Even I remember which started like a normal directory and while development it because a community review center. It happens often due to unplanned and unmanaged actions but web products often enter this cycle as it is managed by a very small and very independent team. Spending time on document/planning sometimes doesn’t work (and is not needed too). Leaving it as an open debatable issue.

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