Romantic fever is over left is uh ah and ouch

Thanks to all who responded to my post “Girl: Aji, you are hot“. Finally the romantic fever is over and some uh ah ouch is still there. WOW, My romantic fever is the most commented post so far on this blog with over 25 comments.

I took a complete rest on Sunday as well, no work at all :), taking medicine for body pain. Thanks to all for the wishes and prayer. A new week, new challenge – appraisal system.

2 Replies to “Romantic fever is over left is uh ah and ouch”

  1. Dear friends, Respected teacher!
    U all are well come to this web and share ur thought.
    That might be benificial to all medical student like me in any any
    topic.But, my saying is that do not point any wrong information abt
    any things which related to medical tearm…………………………
    Thanking u all

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