Changing my writing to conversational style

I am finding it extremely difficult to find time for blogging. These days I am working with a CA based startup Law firm, a great learning experience but very hectic schedule with no offs :). Sorry if some of your mails are unanswered (unread mail count is 500 now) or some comments are in moderation. I will be taking an off this Friday to finish off the pending tasks. I will be changing my writing style to conversational way for quick blogging.

  • What is this about?
    Instead of writing a long post I will write it in a conversational way. This makes my life easier as at work this is what I do most of the time.
  • Won’t it make the post boring?
    I don’t think so. I think, it will make my posts rather more interesting. Anyway as usual I am going to give it a try :).
  • How will it save you time?
    I used to spend (a lot of) time in organizing my thoughts in paragraphs and headings. Now I can just ask some questions and answer it myself, this will (might) make it faster for me.
  • Good, when are you going to blog next time :)? Any thought for the day?
    I will try to blog as soon as I find some free time. I have 6 to 7 posts under draft. My next post will be about “Right approach can make wrong right” followed by a post on “Secrets to blog magic“.
  • Looking forward for the posts, what about the thought of the day?
    Hmm.. here we go, “If I am defeated by myself then I am the winner” (hey thats my copyright 🙂 ). Keep defeating yourself, be it your work, be it TT or be it impressing your friend. If my today is better than yesterday, I am sure my tomorrow will be better than today. Keep fighting with a smile. Happy new week!

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  1. >> onday u become script writter ….
    How about a technical poet with Kolter’s blood :), I am not trying my skills now as then my marriage will be at stake. Also my blog is causing a lot of worries for my parents. he he, and still I blog.

    Btw did you get water?

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