Why a Link is called a Hyperlink?

I was writing a bigger post “SEO is a curse for content writers” when I remember a very interesting question. Recently while training new recruits, I was asked this question that “Why a Link is called a Hyperlink?”. I did not had a proper answer when she asked me this interesting question. I had to go through some documents to give her an answer.

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    Sundays generally keep me busy with Bible classes. These days we are studying about Hell, Heaven, Angels e.t.c. Very interesting topics. I hope to complete the post on SEO and Content writers by tomorrow night.
  • “Why a Link is called a Hyperlink?
    Lets look at the definition itself, which says, “blah blah **$#&^%”. Sorry, I could not get a good definition. Let me define it myself. Hyperlink is the reference point for a hypertext. This leads us to another question, “what is hypertext?”. Hyper implies excess and thus hypertext implies excess content. A hypertext is a super text which can create another layer of content on the top of the existing content. In other words a text (hypertext or anchor text) which refers to another document is of more value than the traditional text.
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    Yup, it is basically because of the power of the text which acts as a text with excessive hidden power. Hidden, as it remains like a normal text, with just an indicator (generally underline and blue color), unless demanded with a click or mouse action.
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    To keep the short story short, a hyperlink is a reference point for an excessive hidden and powerful text known as hypertext. And don’t forget to read about link titles and how users can be benefited from it. I call it a meta for the hyperlinks.

Web without hyperlink is beyond our imagination. World’s best websites (be it Yahoo or Google) are more or less a collection of hyperlinks. In Search Engine algorithms these hyperlinks play a very important role as it builds a layer of additional content for the visitors. I think this post will help us answer one of the most debatable SEO topic, “Does outbound link help in SE ranking?” (Wow! this WMW thread has my opinion too, so do check the hyperdoc).

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  1. Hyperlinks have been around for a long time. Yet there is not enough discussion about the topic. You inspired me to ask google how many locations to find the definitions for hyperlink.

    This query resulted in 75 results!

    This query resulted in 946,0000 results!

    Whats the difference? one was asking for definition:hyperlink and the other
    definition: Hyperlink

    See how one space character at the wrong point can make a difference?

    By the way, I stumble on this nice article as well on the subject. (no I didn’t write it!)

    All the best!

  2. I always assumed that “hyperlink” came from HyperTalk, the language of Hypercard, a late 80’s software package that was included free with every Macintosh computer.

  3. Hello Tom.

    I certainly remember hypercard back in the 1980’s!

    That was pretty exciting … dynamically linking between documents!

    Microsoft jumped in with DDE and OLE. So much now seems to be buried, but the linking aspect lives on for many people browsing web pages!

    All the best!

    Dexter Babcock

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