Diet Killer week starts – Happy Onam

Had a mixed day today, missed my most loved afternoon Sunday 3-5 hr sleep (due to dad’s committee meetings 🙁 and forced shopping call) and Navartna Oil massage. Shopping went really horrible as we were trying to buy something different for a new born baby (and some other relatives). As usual we were late for shopping and the shops were closing, could not buy the wanted items. We managed to shop few unplanned items for our satisfaction.

I was tempted (but I am not supposed to) to see the old streets and the memories of special cheese filled mayonnaise chicken burgers from NV BUT after reaching there we found it closed 🙁 (Bad, really bad). Thought of buying some cookies and brownies from Nahums but it was closed too (two bads in a row). Pushed ourselves to the special juice center to try our luck and thanks, IT WAS OPEN. To compensate for the unluck, after having a mango juice (it has 3 layers, A layer of curd, A layer of sweets and the top layer of dry fruits) I had one grape juice too. What a odd combination to have but chaltha hai, we will see it tomorrow morning, jo hoga deka jayega. Then came the real inhuman uncivilized diet killer at park street (the evidence):

Diet killer

This week is going to be a complete diet killer, tomorrow starts the Onam week. I will miss the real Sadya tomorrow 🙁 but I will surely have a special dinner with some 20+ items.

Onam special

These are the items I know (to eat and not to cook):

  1. Special red rice – I don’t know how do I explain it, a little fatty stuff
  2. AvialVeg mix done is a very different way, my mom makes it really well, sorry for making these temptations.
  3. Sambar
  4. Parippu Curry (Special Dal with coconut and all, very tasty, I love this one)
  5. Theeyal
  6. Cabbage Thoran
  7. Sweetened Banana/Tapioca Chips
  8. Banana Chips
  9. Moru Kalan
  10. Olan
  11. Kootoo Kari
  12. Puli Inji (Puli means khatta and Inji means ginger)
  13. Ada Pradhaman (Very tasty, sweet, I can’t wait anymore)
  14. Spicy Buttermilk
  15. Sweet Chutney
  16. Pachadi
  17. Pal Payasam (Milk kheer)
  18. Banana
  19. Papadam
  20. There are few more items but I have no clue about the names

Kanam Vittu Onam Unnanam” which means “We should have the Thiruonam lunch even if we have to sell all our properties for that”. So much to eat and I AM Suppose to keep my promise written on a diet Pepsi box. Onam hai, sab chalta hai ……….. Happy Onam to all, eat .. eat and eat this week!

Onam aashwansagal

(This is how we say in Malayalam, it means Onam wishes, so try it in Malu style)

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  1. @rajesh -> Thanks yaar, aap ko bhe Onam ki aashwansagals

    Yeah joshi bhai missing all those days yaar, tum log Kolkata aa jao … Whenever I go there I try not to miss those things, juice and sandwich tho paka.

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