I am not blogging this month

This is a sabbath month for my blogging .. SORRY … I don’t think I will be blogging till Oct 19, 2007. One complete month of sabbath, I wanted to take a break for

  1. More books, more stories, more chats, more orkut, more emails.
  2. More phone calls, more traveling, more driving.
  3. I haven’t read a blog post from 17 sep from my blog reader account only source of info is eco times for 30 mins.

I will be back with a special story, “I met with an accident”, Don’t miss this one, I am yet to start it.

7 Replies to “I am not blogging this month”

  1. Though i miss your posts but thass ok coz I am sure its gonna be worth it, since I am going to get to read a wonderful story soon. I am sure many more people are also waiting for it
    All the best 🙂

  2. Well Sir I am eagerly waiting to read how you met with an accident… i hope its not any way near to the Aji you are so……….. 😉

    Lets see when it hits the floor. 🙂

  3. I hope you’re OK! New on this forum, not sure where to put this, you guys seem up on your tech companies: Radical Spark (www.radicalspark.com) is claiming to have this revolutionary web app, the next big thing, I hear people talking about it at conferences and such, speculating. I talked with a developer at the Ruby East conf. who said he was working on something *really* cool and I’m very curious as to what this is… Any idea what these folks are up to? Thanks much.

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