My journey with Grmtech ends here :)

After spending some 4 years and 9 months at Grmtech, I am leaving for my new ventures (Today was my last official day at Grmtech). (After a day break) I will be joining digitalavenues and will be working with two departments, one is a service of my own choice (Web marketing) and the other one is a product (my passion to shrink my cv is still alive).

I am looking forward to meet some of my new team members, I am sure it will be a lot fun. At this time I want to thank all of my team members at Grmtech (and ex-Grmtechians) and want to wish them a very big success in life. I have been a people-oriented leader and I have believed in what I have done so far, I will continue to do so. Keep smiling, take Grmtech to next level and I will work with my new team at DAve in taking DAve to next level.

I will start blogging at (My new avatar, changing it from 5 year long AjiNIMC to Web Kotler). Also I will be consolidating my experiences at

Good Night, will see you all next morning.

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  1. greatttttttttttttttt..

    congratulations for the change and new venture…… and wish u a great life ahead…..

    keep inovating web….

    🙂 🙂 😀

  2. Thanks Manojit and Anirudh. It was great working with you, May God bless you all, you all will still be there in my prayers, do well in your life.

    Rana ji, thanks, its a new challenge, will be meeting my team tmrw, I wish to on web only and innovations should keep coming in 🙂 .. thanks again.

  3. Aji I wish you all the very best in life……all of us will miss you at Grmtech, but I guess it’s a part of life. May God bless you abundantly.

    Hey but do not forget that a good bye makes the next hello closer 🙂

  4. I will miss all the Grmtech, esp the TT times. I will miss u the most, my day started with you, every single smile of yours made my difficult times wonderful. I wish I could be there, having lunch together all of my life but I guess changes are inevitable, WILL BE MISSING YOU EVERYDAY but will make it up soon 🙂

    >> Hey but do not forget that a good bye makes the next hello closer

    Thanks for all the wishes and prayers. It was my team, my fellow members who made my experience so memorable .

  5. Sir, you made GrmTech the place what it is today. Without you it would have not been the same innovation oriented group of people. Personally you have made me what I am today. I owe a lot to you Sir. I have learned many things from you.


    We will miss AjiNIMC at GrmTech.

    May God Bless You Sir.

    Good luck !!!!

  6. >> Personally you have made me what I am today. I owe a lot to you Sir. I have learned many things from you.
    Thanks for the kind words, these are no lesser than treasures of life to people like me. I value such words a lot. Once again thanks for having such a good place for me in your life, I will try to keep up with your expectations. No good person can teach others but all good people can learn good things, you been good have learned all that you have today. I just played my usual part :).

    >> We will miss AjiNIMC at GrmTech.
    May be for this week or may be the next, our lives are moving really fast, people keep forgetting their past :). Surely I won’t be able to forget Grmtech and at times all those good and bad memories will surely hit me. I am very happy that I was a part of Grmtech’s initial crew, was able to learn a lot from Vikas. I owe him a BIG THANKS.

    Do well in your life and keep in touch. My best wishes.

    – Aji

  7. Wish you all the luck and success sir…m sure whrevr u go…u will keep on inspiring people as always…

  8. 4 years and 9 months…such a long span. Lots of habit grow up; adjusting in a new environment may be difficult, but still that’s the nature of life. You have to move on, you have to and there is no alternative. Though it’s just a coincidence, but I want to share the info with you: I left Grmtech on the same date last year [:)]. And surprisingly I joined Grmtech on the same date in 2005 [:)].

    When I left, it seemed the world became standstill. The environment, the team, the kind of work I used to do there, the cafeteria – I missed all of them. But now it’s been 1 year and I have been able to adjust in the new place.

    I know that you have the ability to change the environment when you do not like it…keep it up…my best wishes are always with you [:D]

  9. good decision. Sometimes we need to deconstruct and reconstruct certain things in our life. I am happy that u have done so. I believe right now u r quite confident with ur new venture. Carry on, all the best. 🙂

  10. Thanks Susenjit,

    I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeltttttttttttttttt really good to see your comments. In professional life you do somethings which may not be that pleasant (but may be useful) and towards the end of our dealing we had to enter into a similar stage. I felt good about it (our last dealings) that day and that week but learned a good lesson after a month, I should have done that in a better way. Thanks for adding this comment, it makes things lighter for me. God bless and do well and keep in touch. I am sure things happens for good.

    – Aji

  11. Its great move and we should not keep us away from changes that happen around us. It was great time working with you. Now surely some more people will enjoy your experience and knowledge.


  12. Hi Aji,

    Nice seeing you growing up. 🙂 Best of luck in ur life. hope things will turn in ur favour.

    It was great pleasure working with you. I always remember you.

  13. Hi Aji,
    Wish you a very best of luck for your future. I will always remember your humble support and advise. The knowledge you gave me in last 11 months (not only technical) will surely help me to grow my career graph. 🙂 keep in touch

  14. nice to hear from you subikar. Thanks for the best wishes, I hope you are doing good. Keep in touch :), I will also remember you ji 🙂 .. take care

    Hi Shyama, carry on the good work. You will get better mentors in the days to come. I enjoyed working with you, keep working hard and best of luck.

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