I am on SEOMoz

Ok, I am a little busy these days designing the whole new department work. I will get some more time next week (I am very optimistic, as always). I am an alltime WMW member, SEOMoz is doing work these days. I liked some of their articles but most of their articles are too long and less scanable, one need to scan through to the hidden knowledge from most of the articles. I have started reading them. Also I am using their videos and articles for training new guys in the department.

Just wanted to share that I am on SEOMoz, see http://www.seomoz.org/ugc/solving-duplicate-content-issues-with-http-and-https. Don’t forget to register at SEOMoz and add a small comment :). I will appreciate that and so will Rand :). Happy Weekend!

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  1. Congrats Sir!! Yet another feather in your cap… 😉

    BTW, this comment is a forced one.. dont ask me who forced me… 😉


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