Prabhat – A true story of admin Linux

Title of the story: Only one extra ordinary quality is enough to become extra ordinary.
I feel lucky as I was privileged enough to meet many ordinary people with extra ordinary qualities. Prabhat Kumar aka admin linux is one such person. I remember him when he visited Grmtech for a placement visit, where he explained his work at his Summer job. After talking to him, I felt he will be able to help us with an IE toolbar. Also I had a previous experience working together on “Dalal Street” application during our AIMK days. He was a great help working throughout the night to finish the whole application in 2 days nights. With all previous experience I called him for interview and he was able to do well in the interview. He got selected.

He was no extra ordinary guy, he studied in average Hindi medium schools for many years. All I knew was that he was hard working, he showed his hard work all the time. He was recruited as a programmer but he always showed interest in Server administration. I must accept that in the initial days I had no faith in him for server administration. His communication skills were as high as 1/10. Even with all his limitations and barriers, he kept his interest in server management. He kept involving in some work or the other. After seeing his interest we decided to give him the job of System administration. He was guided by our boss (who is amazingly great with networking and server management). Even after handing over the responsibility, I had doubts but he was always confident. He kept working working and working (His greatest strength) without listening to other vibes but to his own which said you can. Not only he worked and learned but got up early morning 5’oclock to finish his international certification for Red hat and Oracle (Some more certifications). He was hardworking and kept working hard to see himself at a very better position. His communication skills are improved, and his knowledge level is great (now we call him to sort out our networking issues). All became a possibility because he decided to use his only quality, the quality of hard working to earn and sharpen other invisible qualities.

I congratulate him for his latest certification and even more I congratulate him for his quality of hard working, may God bless you. And I want to leave a note for others that things are possible but one will have to work hard too.

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  1. Hi Sir,
    first I would like to thank you for such a motivational post for me, I never thought that I will come on your blog in this manner.

    It was great time in college and in grmtech while working under you. Thank once again

  2. prabhat, ur dedication and ur “lets get it done” attitude is the key to ur success. Nothing is impossible. Just give a try and hard & smart working people will achieve almost everything.

  3. Congratulations Prabhat! Wishing you lots of luck and success in all that you do. Way to go!!!
    Thankyou Aji Sir for informing us abt this great thing through your blog. I too had an opportunity to work with Prabhat. Must say… Commitment is his real strength. Wishing him more achievements in future.

    (hey prabhat…. party nehi milega kya?)

  4. Hi Prabhat…

    Great going….i want the pending party….what do u say Aji?…….

    He is indeed great…one day you will do much better..
    my good wishes are always with u………!!!

  5. wow…. after a long time i’m coming here(iwt blog) and i amazed to see prabhat sir here…. great sir…… i never had doubt on him… i still remember the day when Grmtech came to AIMK, I was honored to coordinate placement procedures at that day… 🙂 ….. great…..going prabhat sirrrr it’s been more than 2.4 years in GRMtech…great thing about u, that i like most is that u know what u want and doing hard to get that..and few ppl get that chance…. keep it up sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Hi Aji,
    I am working with Prabhat from last one year and i found him always helpful to others (no issues about time). He has not only earned but shared his knowledge too. Great going Prabhat. I wish you a very successful future ahead.

    Aji you missed one more quality about Prabhat his excellent SenseOfHumour 🙂

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