neoligism: smartcut – User smartcut not shortcuts

Today I was writing the education email for dawebmarketing client’s (It’s a weekly affair) and coined this word “smartcut”. I don’t know if anyone has ever used it but Google define doesn’t have it for sure.

If shortcut is to take the shortest route then smartcut is to take the smartest route. I will always recommend using smartcuts than shortcuts for all arenas of life. Shortcuts may not be smartcuts all the time and smartcuts will give you long term benefits.

Wow, just a small post. Looking forward for your comments.

5 Replies to “neoligism: smartcut – User smartcut not shortcuts”

  1. hehehe…it does sound like mattcutt 😀

    shortcuts sometime lead us to wrong (perhaps complex) direction…i was in a hurry…i had to catch the metro rail…i had the exact fare with me and rushed towards the exact fare counter…shortest way to buy the ticket…but there was a long queue…suddenly i noticed that the queue in the ‘exact fare’ counter was longer than general counters 😀 still people were crowding on THIS counter since they had the ‘exact fare’ 😀

    i took no time to switch to the other outlet 😀

    btw, how are you aji…things are not going right with me…we are renovating our house (after 20 years i guess) and mom is not well…she had an accident…life is difficult!

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