We are back ! Now it is full time HR blog

A lot of my friends were asking me to restart my HR blog. Finally I had to get back to writing HR blogs. When I say HR, don’t confuse it with Human Resource management at your office. Here I mean, anything to do with personal development, sharing experiences of life and everything related to human life.

Few Changes to our HR blog

  • We have changed the URL, so that I can use one website and it will be easy for people to remember the domain than going from one place to the other.
  • I am big fan of integration, so I integrated it with my whole system at SEO for clients. Merged the databases (with a different prefix to wordpress tables), took the same template, same plugins and lot more of technical work.

Biggest change: Will be open for Guest Authors

I will be taking interviews, also we will have a lot of guest postings.

It will be a lot more fun.