My Bday – wishes in NIMC istyle

All I missed was Bday bumps and GP Party, thanks to all junis for refreshing my NIMC BDay memories where I celebrated my last 4 bdays(luckily last one with the alumni meet).

I remember the initial days when we use to have the special bday wishes mela below the cellular jail (some call it Girls Hostel) and then a chase and found game developed by Warden LLC followed by punishments and GP party with desi ghee. Also it is difficult to forget the bday bumps (esp Dhanos) by well dressed(heavy shoes specially made for such events) Nimcians.

I wish a very “Happy Teachers day�? to all my official and unofficial teachers.

It is 12:45 am, hewitt just defeated Taylor Dent with a tough five setter and next is Maria vs Sania, let me take a break from blogs and internets. Best Luck Sania.

Have fun and thanks for all your blessings.

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  1. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Sir….

    Happy Birthday….Once Again……..

    well you mentioned about everything but forget to mention about Pepsi….

    may be this trend started after your batch…. but i would like to share..

    My experience of Pepsi…

    – What Is Pepsi ?

    It is just like B’Bumps but you get Pepsi in Lying position

    – What are the Pepsi tools ?

    Bare hands, Chappel (Bathroom Slippers), Leather Belt….more

    – Why Pepsi is important?

    I’m the best person to ask why Pepsi is so important…..

    I’d my birthday on 29th aug 2005…. but due to some reason i got late….

    and I didn’t drink Pepsi…..

    The consequences was… next day nobody come to know about my birthday

    only 10% from 210 students wished me…..

    Actually pepsi is a trend…if you don’t get you never feel that you

    had celebrated your birthday in NIMC/AIM-k

    so before Cake ceremony at eve of 29th aug I said if you guys don’t

    give me Pepsi and B’Bumps I’ll not cut the cake…..because that

    was my last birthday in NIMC/AIM-k and I did’nt wanted to miss

    the taste of Pepsi and B’Bumps

    after all Yeh Dil Mange More….Ahh.. (Pain wala ahh)

    Rajesh Kumar Rana

  2. hi,
    pepsi is a trend given to us by our seniours because it brings us all togther on our freinds b’day to give him pepsi it is actually not about beating our freind it is our love to him.
    we genrally dont tell every body that no body shall use there hands and thus use props for their help.
    take care

  3. I remember MBA-6’s Bday bashes , you hold a tree exposing your bumpy , either you can save your future or your bumpy. Kullu the giant, Putia , Kaul, Shethi ………. all specially trained for it.

    Oh all those days were fun 🙂 , missing all those days

  4. I had a day today , thanks , guess what was my Bday gift?

    Rajkumars call, He called up today and hopefully will be able to make it on 10th .

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