Finally Got a better Internet Connection

My cable internet was slow for last 2 weeks making blogging and other activities slower; finally I made a decision to invest money on another connection. I applied for dataone 256 home connections (Rs 500 per month), within a week I got the connection and now I have a downloading speed of 120 kbps.

I had to call a series of phone number to get my username, the customer care was always busy but at last I am happy to see a faster internet. Let’s give it some more time.

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  1. As far as I know DataOne still doesn’t have any unlimited bandwidth packs. Considering the amount of bandwidth NIMC consumes, I’m sure DataOne would be a bad choice. I think you should junk the leased line and get DSL/Cable/DataOne from two-three ISPs for redundancy. Thats wishfull thinking though, I think 😉

  2. Yeah…its very hard here…now days it become very hard to get fast connection specially during holidays we even can’t able to check our mails b’coz they connect lines to the hostels…
    during wrorking days we get enough speed so that we could check our mails…coz of connection i could’nt able to to do sufficient changes in my blog

  3. Sir, I dont know how on the earth are you getting 120 kbps for home 500 plan which should give 256 KiloBits per sec or mere 32 kbps(kilobytes per sec) or is it Kilobytes per sec or kiloBits per sec. If you have adopted a way to get 120 kbps please let me know

  4. Hi Parveer,

    My current speed is,
    Download speed: 109.70 (kilobit/sec) and 13.71 (kilobyte/sec)
    Upload speed: 176.07 (kilobit/sec) and 22.00 (kilobyte/sec)

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