Google personalized search

Do I talk too much about Google? I think I do as I spend a good amount with him (Is google male? yes it is)

I started interacting personally now , I really do not know when will I use it and why will I use it? Personalization is the needed but simplicity is what sells.

Yahoo did this sometimes back and i really do not know the results. Is my current search dependent of the earlier one? May be yes may be no. Will I log in to do the searches, Google never had a good reputation with privacy so will I allow google to know more about me?

I want personalization at a personal level, can personalization be extended at a level of www?

Few Sections

  • News
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Lifestyle
  • Fun

These sections are nothing but RSS way, which Google refused to accept till few months back.

Other section is bookmarking URLs, what happens to my browser bookmarks then? Will I use Google’s bookmark?

I made my Google page a dirty one, let me clean up and try again. Have fun with google’s personalized search; hope it delivers a better experience.