Integrated PhpBB with a blog

We always wanted a blog for our growing community. I am a big fan of wordpress so I tried to integrate it with PhpBB forums but complexity of code and unavailability of open integration code made it next to impossible for a three day deadline.

We decided upon the PhPBB mod which is still under dev . The code was easy to integrate and we did it in couple of minutes but the template(UI) was totally unimpressive. The urls were with ‘?’ (Dynamic URLs) and a .htaccess file was not available to make it more presentable.

We generated close to 3 files per user (per blog) to give it a natural URL and finally used the wordpress standard template to give it a standard bloggy look. Also we made it simpler by deleting the shoutbox and unwanted template manipulation code. CSS was again a complex one, made it simpler.

Finally I got it working with a great looking template, now working on wiki integration with PhpBB Blog integration with phpBB

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  1. hmm interesting .. Just noticed that your and rajesh’s personal blog is also on wordpress now. As is the aimk blog. It must have been tough integrating the wordpress like feel with blogspot. It would be interesting to read more about that, rajesh ?

  2. I was using a different blog apps but then I liked the wordpress , it is cool. blogsome is offering wordpress for free bloging.

    Rajesh is a real blogger, I wish I had that much time, his blogs are so active. Great work rajesh and the aimk blogspot is looking really great.

  3. Thanx a lot…………..
    i feel really great when somebody appreciate my work coz i devote a lot of time to my work till the time i feel… yes that’s the way i want it to be!!!
    I like this WordPress’s applet (kubrick applet) which was first developed by Kubrick(, he is genius in his work…. a lots of blogger through out the world are using his stuff like Tama Leaver from Australia (, me, you now everybody coz WordPress is providing it for free……
    I simply love this Template….

  4. Holla Mate…

    I have been looking at this one… But i have take some false session here… I need this mod/script for my new blog/site and i want integrated this one to wordpress and phpBB.
    Hmm… thanx anyway …

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