Successful ICPF camp 2005

All glory to God Almighty, the ICPF camp 2005 with over 120 campers was more effective than any other camp we had so far. Every camper was touched with the Holy Spirit. God enabled me to spend a night in the camp and I could feel the presence.

Till the starting of the camp we were worrying about the finances, even I did blog the need . God helped us meet all the expenses, thanks to everyone who contributed. We thought meeting an expense touching Rs 1, 00,000 will be a task impossible but God has HIS own plan. Thanks for all your prayers.

People who spoke from The Word of God

  • Rev M.K.Babu from Delhi (Main Speaker)
  • Pastor Scot Martin (working in Delhi, a missionary
  • Rev Jacob Mathew (Gen Sec ICPF)
  • Rev Dr Idichira Nainan (VP, ICPF for last day)

Not to forget is the role of Angelos (The worship team), they came with their famous Van equipped with all musical instruments.

May God bless all the campers! After four days camp we had our special thanksgiving service on the occasion of ICPF’s silver jubilee where Rev Dr Idichira Nainan challenged everyone to contribute towards the youth ministry. Also he challenged all senior members to play the role Priscilla and Aquila to every Apollos. Angelos led the congregation in Praise and Worship.

Waiting for the next camp 🙂 .

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