shifting of web hosting server

My friend Dennis was very good to me with whom I hosted for last 2 years. I want some more facility like .htaccess (mod_write) and ssh so I have shifted the host today.

The work is still going on but the very first thing I did was making the blog run. May be in a day or two we will be able to settle things to the proper state.

7 Replies to “shifting of web hosting server”

  1. you are great & thanx for my blog… after 5 days i’m surfing net..coz of NIMC black out and my cough n’ cold…

  2. This will allow us to have many more things, you can have a subdomain now , similarly or and I can give a ftp access which will allow you to add files without my help.

    I need to work a little on these issues.

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