Great Widgets for your websites and blogs

These days I am working at ampmInsure innovation center for some cool widgets for my blogs. I am true believer of reusability. I never liked to invest my energy for something, which is already done in style. Some cool tools which I liked are

  1. A mini widget enabling Yahoo style answers:
    yahoo answer type tool
    This tool will help my blog visitors ask and discuss related topics right on my blog. Wow I can’t wait to make it happen. A true discussion platform on my blog. This will increase the participation level on my blog. This is very much like Yahoo Answers but somewhere better as it is much simpler to place and use.
  2. Joke manager:
    Funny tool
    They call it “Funny 24 carrot viral tool”. I think it can really be used as an effective viral tool. This will allow my visitors to share and discuss jokes right on my blog. If you allow your users to share jokes it really works, one such example is , where I have seen people participating with much interest.
  3. Quote Manager: When I introduced a quote section at I got an unexpected participation. Many who never participated in any other thread started participating in it. Why so? May be it is to get recognition. Some of the quotes like “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital” got very popular among the members. The submitted also got appreciated for his collections. I saw this to be an effective tool to attract more participation.
  4. Digg type News manager:
    This is just like but with some additional features like views and “take it anywhere” facility. This can be placed anywhere on the website. Even it can be repeated across the sites. This helps you share the news and findings with your blog visitors. Also this is a little better than as it not only allows you tag but also participate with votes and comments. Overall a good tool to use.

There are many other tools available in the innovation center. I will be trying each one of them before recommending it to others. I have test few widgets and have suggested some changes. They are working on it and making it happen for me. I can clearly see a community feel and that’s where the center of innovation lies. Diversify thoughts and experience can make the product even better. Keep watching the home of Idealwebtools for recommended tools. I will try to keep it updated.

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  1. This looks good, I was always looking for something like on my site. Hopefully this can make it happen. Do you know some script that can be used for it?

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