My 3 years with Grmtech

(I am no more associated with Grmtech)
Three years with Grmtech

It was long journey, a true learning experience with some failures and more success. If I look back, I can still recall 9th Aug 2003 when I joined Grmtech for some extra money. By then I was working in Alumnus Software Limited, another great company to work. I made through alumnus after 5 rounds of interview. I was enjoying the life at alumnus with some quality work on Prof Jenkins (an e-learning tool), Mobile games based on J2ME, Java based application to convert static pages to dynamic pages (I was very happy to complete this tool, truly a great tool) and good documentation challenges with Automata. When I loved working harder there, my pocket did not allow me to carry the job without money. I then submitted applications at Alumnus for money but I could not get enough to support my traveling and expenses (fair enough as I was just a summer trainee). I then decided to work on additional projects through our four member group Idealog to earn some extra money. Then Sherry (another member of Idealog, who is now in Symantec) informed me about a job offer at Grmtech, which he came to know through Kolkata Linux group. I decided to apply casually and surprisingly I was called for an interview and more surprisingly I got selected with a bond of one year.

Once I informed all the friends about my selection in a company called Grmtech (which was then a virgin company for all the Nimcians) I got mixed reactions esp. due to the bond factor. Somehow I decided to join Grmtech after some good thought. My plan was to Work for 3 to 4 months to earn some money for a Sony T610.

I started working for Grmtech right on 9th Aug 2003, exactly three years back. Next 4 to 5 months were not easy for me as addition to Grmtech tasks I had to complete my projects at Alumnus (which I did), had to finish my trimester classes, projects and exams (which I did and scored good marks too 🙂 ). I never thought my professional relationship with Grmtech would last this long, I am happy it did. This three years I have made many transitions, from a programmer to a manager, from a manager to a leader, from tech field to marketing and recently to HR. I do not know money wise how much I have earned as I could have tried and fetched a job of 25k then but one thing is sure that I have earned and learned many qualities. I will always be thankful to our seniors. They have always shared their experience to help me make better decisions. After working with them I have started respecting experience. It was a great experience to work with many Grmtech members. I must thank God for all His blessings and this great opportunity to work at Grmtech as a leader. Next month Grmtech will be shifting to a better office, looking forward to the next phase of my life.

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  1. one can learn from u how to put sea inside a small pot(GAGAR ME SAGAR). its a good article and very inspirational.

  2. 3 years man! It is hell lot of experience, you should try to shift the company now. Try some big companies and big money

  3. Thanks for the comments, shifting hmm…. Yes I am planning to shift to a bigger company either by making Grmtech bigger or otherwise :).

  4. Hi Aji,

    Let me first congratulate you on this achievement and being associated with Grmtech for three long years. I know I have been a bit late in responding to your blog post. (For others who don’t know me by name or in person, I have had the first opportunity to work with Aji in Grmtech and still working). What an experience it has been to know someone like you, Aji. Just amazing!!

    There are so many good things to learn from you. As it has been two and half years now working with you, you taught me so many things about work, life and the way of looking at each phase. Often, when I interact with you over the phone (due to differences in shifts) I get to share my ideas with you and pick some of the leadership qualities in you. You are the first person; I know who never gets angry on anyone. (Perhaps, god used some of the finest materials while crafting your image.) Day 1, you were teaching me the basics of my job with complete sincerity like a teacher does in a primary school, and today as time went by, you are an integral part of the management. We started with less than five on that day and now, we are close to fifty in person. No decisions are complete without your involvement. Everyone in the office takes your suggestions and advice to make their work better. (Pretty surprising, how one man can cater everyone’s needs and offer satisfaction without being in panic.) Perhaps, you can offer us some tutorials on stress management. 🙂

    Something similar between the past and present – you never had/have the superiority complex or the feeling of being disdainful to others. The feeling of pride will never overrun on you. There are few good people whom I know and I am happy to be acquainted with someone like you. In my profession, you have given me the chance to grow up and stand with some rights. I hope I have been able to satisfy you with my role. You keep sharing your knowledge with others and the more it’s done, you become informed better. It’s a remarkable quality in you when you share with others. (Just a side note, don’t get into habit of sharing everything, :wink:)

    Nothing more to say here. People might feel that I am buttering you. (You don’t give me any ACR as it happens in the army during promotions) The fact remains that you are praiseworthy because you are sincere and responsible towards your work. Given a situation, if someone plays music in full volume, you will still study and complete your project without offending him. Getting disturbed is not an issue here. This type of character is rarely found in one. Anyways, I have lots more to say but falling short of words at this time. Maybe, I need to go to the balcony and breathe out some carbon monoxide. Need to fag!!!! To be continued in my next post.. Nonetheless, I congratulate you for your achievements, for creating this blog and giving everyone the global chance sharing a platform and for your hard work. Keep going ahead. Good things happen with everyone. Perhaps, we all wait for our share. Thank you for sharing some of your glorious moments within the community.

    Take care and have fun.

    Bijoesh (BG)

  5. Thank you Kaustav Sir. I think the classes taken by Entrepreneurs like you were really helpful to dream of a different career that the rest. When you were teaching us ERPs and CRMs I was involved with Alumnus summer training sessions, Grmtech as a programmer, Idealog as a dreamer and NIMC’s usual stuffs. I loved all the sessions and esp the marking style. Only few people dare to be different and you were one of them. Thank you for your appreciation, guidance and support.

    Thanks BG for your appreciation, it is nice to work with people of your quality.

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