It was year 2003 when we penned down the idea of SOCH, an awareness program for Army families. Since I was studying management in an Army institute, I thought of sharing some of things with the real core of army, their families. The real purpose was not to teach them computers but to show them various uses of the magic box.

We worked for almost two weeks to make it happen. NIMC’s Aakar club (club for creation) headed by Afroz Alam (founder member) did the road shows to attract more army families. They went with normal aluminum plates (instead of a drum) and few printouts. They did a fabulous job and as a result, a multitude of around 200 people rushed in for the show. NIMC authorities were more than happy to allow us access to the computer labs where we showed them computer games, Internet, chatting e.t.c. The happiest lot was that of kids, they thoroughly enjoyed the games and at the end few were reluctant to leave the campus.

Our juniors prepared various presentations. And one Flash presentation by Manoj Badola on Kargil brought tears in everyone’s eyes. Our Director also awarded the people associated with the presentations. (It really felt good to receive the cash award, when we needed it the most) I also liked the presentation on “Army warfare”, which was presented to the Army officers. The poems and various other activities were all highly appreciated by the army families.

It continued for another 2 years but then this year was the END of SOCH. I wish it carried on. Is there anyone else who can recall those good days?

Updated: Thanks to Sid of MCA-5 for making a report on SOCH, here is it http://www.idealwebtools.com/img/blog/soch-main-report.doc

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  1. Such things were very much required. Hopefully you guys can give it a thought next year. Why do not you guys make it big? Get some sponsers too.

  2. I must admit one thing, it was a daunting task to perform on the streets but the response that we got was amazing. Aji, I guess we have set several trends in NIMC and its upto the juniors to keep them going. Soch was a nice concept.

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