What did you miss at Nostalgia 2006

If you think you have only missed,

  • The crowd.
  • The party.
  • The mess ka khana.
  • The musti.
  • The intro session.

then you might be wrong, you missed this precious gift too. Reminder of good time
Alumni gift 2006

Do you want this?

7 Replies to “What did you miss at Nostalgia 2006”

  1. ..very true…everyone needs to be reminded of their good times…by someone or something…especially when they are trudging through the darker tunnels of life !

  2. Dear friends,
    I am an ex NIMC sudent of MBA-4 batch.
    Please feel free to contact me. I am presently posted at CMM- JABALPUR(MP).
    I am also married now.
    Capt Aashish Malhotra
    MBA-4(2000-20002 Batch)

  3. Yes Sir, we all remember you. How can we forget the team captain. I was in Lagaan (MCA-3 batch). Welcome to the blog sir. We are planning for a big Infero this time.

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