Pluto – I am no longer with Sun

pluto - no longer a planet within solar system

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My friend,

Perhaps you know by this time, that I am not a planet anymore Sad . Yes you are right, I am the object far away from the Sun, used to be known as the 9th planet of the solar family. I have lost my position yesterday, though I don’t know how a group of people got the right to decide my fate, anyways, I don’t want to break up a fire, I am writing to you just for venting.

I have never complained for all the injustice that I have been awarded so far, sunlight and heat rarely reach to my surface. My body is covered with ice. But I never argued. I have only one ‘moon’ where some other planets have as more as 17 and I never argued. But today I cannot keep quiet anymore. I have been demoted to a ‘dwarf planet’ state where I have to sit with Charon? What a humiliation? ……………………………………….


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