Camp seasons are ahead

On 27th Aug we had our Kolkata CGPF committee meeting to decide about the upcoming regional ICPF camps (ICPF camp 2004, ICPF camp 2005) . This year we will be having few more camps compare to last year. Thus the total budgeted expenses are higher too. This year we need approx Rs 2,50,000 for next 2 months. This is a big requirement and we are rushing with our donation sheets to make it happen. We believe that God will provide everything; all we need to do is try. Last year the requirement was around Rs 1,00,000. Till the last day of camp we were running on loans but God provided enough to complete the camp debt free.

ICPF’s special musical team Angelos 2 will be available for all camps with their special vehicle. We will have great youth speakers for all the camps. We are expecting showers of blessing this year. This year ICPF kolkata had arranged many awareness programs like anti-aids, anti-drugs (the list will go on).

ICPF Kolkata camp will be held from Oct 3 to Oct 6 but during first 2 days I will be traveling to Bhilai for YPE camp (Youth People Endeavor, where different youths from different regional state churches come together for competition). For last three times our church is winning the trophy and for this year also we are expecting it. Almost 8 years back my first YPE camp at Vizag as secretary of YPE Kolkata Chapter was a great learning experience when with just 10 members we won the competitions marginally. That experience taught me many things about team power. I am waiting for the camp seasons and praying to God for all the needs.

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