BSNL is down – Cant recharge

For last 2 days my dad is trying to recharge his BSNL prepaid connection where he is continuously getting a message, “this service is currently not available, try after sometime”. After trying few times he assigned the job to me. I tried but the message did not improve for me either.

Today I came to know from some my colleagues that BSNL database is having some problem and is a major issue. Even I heard that they have lost the data but I have no authentic data to support it. From one of the programmers who once worked at BSNL I came to know that the validity will stay unhampered but recharge won’t be possible. According to him this is the sixth day. In this Indian market where telecom sector is a synonym for competition I wonder the possible losses for BSNL. Are you facing such problems too?

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  1. The service of BSNL big time S….

    I’d cellone… but now changed it wid hutch….. coz here in rishra cellone’s connectivity is in minus……

  2. To add to it, my dad recieved a sms on 31 Aug Morning saying, “You can recharge on 30th Aug between 3pm and 8pm”. How can we use time machine now :). he is totally angry being a loyal BSNL customer.

  3. Some of them have already changed their connection. I know few. btw my dad approached the officials today and somehow they made it happen after some hours. I am a loyal customer of hutch, so no worries yet.

  4. BSNL is no.1 mobile service provider in india

    Reacharging is depend upon communication bw u r mobile phone and server if u r mobile recieves anything reacharging is not completed!

    This is the main problem

    Thank u
    Trust u r bsnl

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