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I have started a wiki page for instant brand. I think in current web 2.0 is it a possibility. I will keep on developing the word. But someone deleted the page, I think they accept only pages which is about present not future. Anyways I was prepared for this so here is the starting article on Instant Brand.

What is it?
Instant brand is about web 2.0 and innovation. Web 2.0 is pushing innovation to become a brand in no time. Blogs, forums, wikis, diggs, bookmarks, orkuts are the channels for transmission. We have always associated Brand recognition as a long-term process but in this current Web 2.0 world an instant brand is also possible. “Word of mouth” was never so simple and mouth was never so open as it is today. One innovation (as information, news) can spread with a speed no one can imagine.

Is instant a proper word?
When I say instant it is very much comparative. It takes comparatively very less time with normal Brand recognition.

What is making this possible?
It has to be blogosphere, orkuts, wikis, diggs, forums which in itself is viral. It can spread a brand (individuals, companies, products, sites) with lightening speed. In other words web 2.0 is making it possible.

Will it last long?
Yes it will last if the strategies are made properly. According to web 2.0 the community and platform is the power. With the propagation of the innovation (as news, information) can be backed with a retention plan creating active nodes within the market matrix.

Some examples
I think web 2.0 is still in its early stage of growth or development so instant branding is still to gain some more speed. But look at the following traffico meter and the growth.

Look at the instant steep growth and its followed reorganization. Also look at

The initial growth and then the constant growth says that it was recognized as a brand instantly and due to its quality it grown stronger as a brand.

It can also be done being under a brand. Google’s recent Image labeler is a good example. It can also be developed as a different brand instantly. It is taking the advantage of existing Google brand for recognition.

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