Google need writers

Google Jobs
If you are a fan of Google like me, here is a chance to be in Google. If you are a web2.0 Shakespeare try . I have recommended it to some of friends who are good at writing.

Why to Join Google?

  1. Since it has two “o” in its name. Also it has two “g” in its name. In short since it is Google.
  2. It allows you to work on your own interested area 20% of the time. I think this is very unique.
  3. Google play

And plenty of more reasons , find them all at

4 Replies to “Google need writers”

  1. I liked their cabins, it looks like mentor cabins than that of a boss. I liked it very much and I too will like to join Google some day. They serve the best food

  2. I just got your email and thought of looking at it. My take on Google. The best policy is 80-20 as you mentioned, orkut is a result of it. Second best is their policy for promotions, a techy can be the top most guy in Google, you do not need to be a Manager to get the top most poistion. I heard of Krishna Bharat who designed the hilltop theory now heading Indian operations.

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