Hedir releases web 2.0 bookmarking tool

Who should read it: Anyone who wants an easy solution for social bookmarking on their blog/site taking the minimum space. And all the Hedir fans :).

USP of this tool: Simplicity. Visible web space is expensive and Hedir saves it for you.

I am a big fan of Hedir from the time it started challenging DMOZ. It is as young as a one year old baby and growing as faster as a lover boy wanting to marry his little lover girl. Hedir is desperately going after his lover girl aka success covering milestones with every hop.

my fav avatar
(my favorite avatar by Google Junky)
It is growing faster with so many add-on features. Why I support it over DMOZ? The answer is simple,

  • growth rate when compared to DMOZ (for that matter any other directory)
  • the concept, this is working exactly on web 2.0 concepts.
  • the community, the people are so great. Initially I was inspired by Winterfrost and now the list goes on and on with ADAM, Baggeroli, Google Junky, Francesco, Brett, writergrrrl, Anthony, Bret, Josh, Norah, Lakhya, … (The list is too big to be added under one post). Great community.

Also read Norah’s post on how hedir is different from other directories at http://norah.hedir.com/2006/01/17/how-hedir-is-dif…

Last week under their Friday-release class we saw another great tool, web 2.0 bookmarking. http://www.idealwebtools.com/blog/googlebot-cache/, with the blog post you will be able to see , this allows you to bookmark the page to your browser (typical unavoidable web 1.0 and web x.0) and to all the social bookmarking (social sharing) sites.

Bookmarking tool by Hedir

The best part is the management, it is easy to use.

  1. Go to http://www.hedir.com/web2.0/ ,
  2. choose the sites of your preference and generate the code.
  3. Paste the code to your website/blog.

It starts working for you, it checks multiple browsers and adjusts its bookmarking accordingly. Great tool. Keep watching for next Fridays :).

I have also decided to donate my wordpress work to Hedir community. I am talking to few people at Hedir. I will donate the code and let the community generate money for further development. I will be honored if they accepts it. Love you all at Hedir.

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  1. Aji, you’re great 🙂 Certainly Hedir’s most ardent supporter. I appreciate your blog, I’ll come back on another day when I have time to explore.


    writergrrrl from Hedir

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