Desktop Blogging tool

Who should read this: Anyone serious about Blogging and want to try a desktop tool for it.

These were the tools I tried with few of my friends sometime back. These desktop tools makes your life easier for sure. Check them out.

  1. Ecto – A copy of ecto costs $17.95. (not used yet)
  2. MarsEdit – Only for Mac and $24.95 single license
  3. – Free (Used), it is simple and usable.
  4. qumana – Free (Used). I have used it and it is a cool with an integrated ad system.
  5. blogjet – $39.95 single license (not used yet)
  6. Elicit $59.00 with life time updates. A 30 day free trail is available.

Firefox extension
Firefox users can try This started as a small project but these days they are offering everything that is needed for blogging. I used to use it.

My Current Desktop Blogging Pet
I like to explore new things, so these days I am try out with Windows Live Writer (beta)

I will write about my experiences with Live writer, I am liking it as it drafts it with ease. Also because it checks the spelling in a simpler way. MS is trying to support free systems, a list can be found at Also there are many plugins available for Windows Live Writer.

One of the problem that I face is with the slug. I am not able to post the slug with this tool, either I need to explore more or MS needs to develop it.

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