AIMk Among top 4

Top” is the word I always stressed on and here is a perfect sentence with the word “Top“, “AIMK among top 4 in eastern region“.

There is a high power josh among AIMk alumni and students to make it to top of the world as a B-school. AIMMA is working out plans to make it a formal non-profitable organization. At this stage such achievements gives extra power to reach the extra mile. I congrats the winners, Mr. Rahul Pachauri and Sumit Naik. Also wishing best of luck for the next phase of the competition. Keep going AIM.

“Nothing Succeeds Like Success”

Complete story by our special AIM reporter Narendra at

HR Help

As few of you know that these days I am more serious being a HR leader than anything else. According to many (including me) the people who can understand the company better should do the HR planning as it is the most important and toughest job. From understanding each project to each member is really the toughest job. I have almost spent last three months on our new incentive structure where I have tried to link every single person’s progress with the progress of their team (and over all company). Only the future can tell the success but then I am committed to change it and make it as perfect as possible. Thanks to my seniors for great guidance.

Other HRs who are interested in more HR talks can surely find the following link important

This answers 10 questions:-

  1. How to Deal With a Negative Coworker: Negativity Matters.
  2. How to Implement Strategic Planning: Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Values.
  3. When Management Systems Fail: Why Employees Don’t Do What You Want Them to Do.
  4. How Do You Know When It’s Time for You to Go?
  5. Personal Courage and Conflict Resolution at Work.
  6. Workplace Conflict Resolution: Managing Your Human Resources.
  7. Achieve Your Dreams: Six Steps: Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions.
  8. Rise Above the Fray: Options for Dealing With Difficult People at Work.
  9. Bad to the Bone: Dealing With a Bad Boss or Bad Managers.
  10. Twelve Tips for Team Building.

I will write the featured posts for this week. I got busy with some affiliate management projects so had to work on Saturday as well. Hoping to find some time tomorrow for blogging.

Till then Enjoy

my Bday Pics

If you are thinking that 5th sep only can be celebrated as Teachers day then you are wrong as we celebrated onam too. Now if you are thinking that on 5th Sep only we can have two celebration, teachers day and onam, then again you are wrong as I celebrated my Bday too :).

It was really fun, getting phone calls from that very 12 am, smses, emails, forums. This year there was an addition, orkut wishes. Thanks to everyone for all the wishes and prayers. At Office I celebrated it with my colleague Sourav. At night I had special onam dinner that day.

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Progress with Blog planner

blog planner

Much talked Blog planner is still under beta version. I did a lot of testing today and look like we can finally release it on this Saturday. I have also suggested a lot of uses for the tool. Valerie is putting everything on her blog.

Some new features added today

  1. Fan out – To spread the tool. Also it will help the blogger earn extra money.
  2. Signup inside the tool – For every successful signup the blog owner will get $1
  3. Contact Us – A way to send the feedbacks to the innovation center for further improvements

Valeries blog is improved, she took the template and modified it accordingly. I am very happy about it as I can keep modifying a section of my blog with too much of tension.

Google’s Image Labeler – Google’s new tool.

How does it work?
You’ll be randomly paired with a partner who’s online and using the feature. Over a 90-second period, you and your partner will be shown the same set of images and asked to provide as many labels as possible to describe each image you see. When your label matches your partner’s label, you’ll earn some points and move on to the next image until time runs out. After time expires, you can explore the images you’ve seen and the websites where those images were found. And we’ll show you the points you’ve earned throughout the session.

This tells you that you can never be better than your team/partner. I tried it and scorded


points (hey, thats because I was testing it :)). You can give it a try too.

Paypal hack – How to hack paypals?

Are bad guys smarter? If yes then blame the good guys, as most of the good guys are ignorant, expecting everything to be good. As you might be knowing I am working on web technologies and I get many complains of a probable paypal hack (imp accounts in general). Paypal is a very safe site and in most of the cases the hacking happens at user level (User PC), we call it 0 level hacking. Most of us started learning at 0th level before using the complex tool and complex algorithm based hacks.

Different level of paypal hack

  • Computer level paypal Hack: Using various keyloggers (where every keyboard press is stored on the computer). I myself had an opportunity to work for such a product. It is advisable not to use your important accounts from public machines like cyber-cafes, where people install such keyloggers. One such famous application is back-orifice. There can be other spywares that can be deadly, so I advice you to use spybot regularly.
  • DNS level paypal hack: Every Site is associated with an IP which is resolved using DNS. DNS has various cache levels and some people can manipulate it too. Also check the hosts file of your computer, it may be taking you to a different server. Let me know if more explanation is needed. Some local DNSes can also be used for such hacks.
  • Interception: A person at proxy reading all your details. HTTPS takes care of it, it encrypted the communication. Also try to read the certificate, this takes care of a lot of issues. If needed I can explain this in detail.

  • Server level paypal hacks: This needs higher level of expertise in hacking. All server admins takes care of it. Paypal surely must be spending a lot of time ensuring a secure server. So don’t worry much of it.
  • User Ignorance: This is a major issue with Paypal hacking. Let me explain it in detail. This leads to maximum damage, keep reading the comments as well. I will keep adding various watchouts.

User Ignorance can be deadly for paypal hacking

Here is a simple case of paypal hack. Earlier I use to ignore all the mails from paypal but these days, since I have a paypal account, I can’t ignore. This is the most common (and cheap) way of hacking, we call it (zeroth) 0th level hacking. Do not forget to send this to all your friends, who one day might end up a prey to these simple cheap hacking. I got a mail and it said,
paypal hack

Everything is so perfect, I checked the url spelling whether there is some phishing trick there. Sometimes it can be or This time it was perfect but still I wasn’t sure. I mouse over the image and I saw

paypal hack

If I were a little naive with technical concepts I might have ended up entering my paypal username and passwords. The website like exactly like paypal, try Enter some fake stuff and you will find that it is asking for more details. Be careful.

Some may say that you should look for the secure lock. That’s good but it doesn’t secure it either as we end up in trouble due to our ignorance. https:// or the secure lock just encrypts the communication between the apache and the browser (also changes the port of communication), stopping one way of hacking known as interception. Enabling https is a plane piece of cake, a 5 min task. Be alert and be safe.

Be careful about Broswer hijacking too for paypal hacking

Some use full links Do not install anything that you are not sure of.

Help you friends by sending this post to all whom you think should know this. Keep reading my blog for other articles on orkut, security, marketing.

How to make your websites secure

Here are some of the new methods that are being used by most of the banks:

  1. Identifying image with customer id: When you enter your customer id, it shows an image from the server that is uploaded by you. I generally suggest adding your own image. So the time you enter your customer id, you see the image and verify the website. It avoid the DNS level hacks for paypal.
  2. Using virtual keyboards: Instead of using your computer keyboard now banks are providing virtual keyboards. Now the key loggers will only get a click track but will never get your password. This avoid the keylogger traps.
  3. The secure locks generally takes care of interception level hacks.

You have questions about paypal hacking

Please ask here and let us answer. We don’t hack into paypal accounts but we help people secure their accounts.

Website launched for Professor’s justice

It is teacher’s day but many did not celebrate it showing a support for Late Professor Sabharwal. If you are not aware of the tragic incident about Professor sabharwal then please read on some recent newspapers., this might help.

Today his son launched a new platform to get justice, as this is just not a case against one but against powerful parties. This news is not yet public but still you can get access to his site at I think we should support him get justice for our own sake. We need to make one citizen powerful enough to get justice at all cost. I do not know whether political parties inside colleges are good or not but I certainly know that a lot of people misuse the powers. If you are given power then you are with additional responsibilities as well. Do all understand this? What are the criteria for becoming a student youth rep for any political party? Why take a path of violence? Hope we learn some lessons from these cases and correct our systems.

This is not the first time when the online media is used for petitions. We have seen it with Jessica lal case and Priyadarshini Mattoo too. I wish Himanshu Sabharwal all my prayers and also offer him my availability for any possible help. Let’s stand for our rights. There can be no better time.

Blog address in visiting card

Are you a blogger? Why do you blog? How long you been blogging? Do people visit your blog regularly? What do you do to make a brand out of your blog? What do you do to get more visitors to your blog?

All the above questions are relevant to the one who is serious about blog, blogger, blogging. I am certainly taking it seriously these days as I am trying to share my experiences using this platform. Blogs are easily accepted due to its definition, personal views, which is neither time nor quality depended. I have taken a further step by adding my blog address to my visiting card.
visiting card and blog address

Will you ever do that?