I am back

I am back in Kolkata after a 3 day off from WWW (web, work, West Bengal). The trip to Bhelai was good, enjoy every moment of it. We reached Durg Railway station at 3:45 am IST Monday morning. I tried to get some sleep but could not manage that day. Monday we had competitions and our church did fairly below expectation. We were not depressed as we wanted some other team to win this time. Second day after when everyone had a sound sleep swept many additional and unexpected points to keep the trophy for 4th consecutive year.

We got 66 points while the host came second with 62 points, the closest competition so far. More than the competition the youths were challenged by the Guest speaker Pastor V.O.Varghese. He certainly talk the walk and that challenges you more than anything.

Now I am back in Kolkata and somehow managed to go through 77 mails. Today was busy with all the pending work and report updation.

I will get back to blogging from tomorrow, I think I should get some sleep now.