MSN is really sick – See the result yourself

Do Google do SEO or manipulate results? Find it yourself. I asked the same question to 4 search engines, “What is a better search engine?”,

Google says, “Ofcourse I am the best, even my UK version is 3rd. AltaVista is 2nd as they promised me a better ranking. MSN is fourth. Yahoo is 7th. Ask is 8th”. (see the results).

Yahoo says, “Google made me 7th and I made them 8th. I am still behind Google and planning to hire a SEO expert for a better ranking. Something like, ‘ Yahoo looking for a SEO expert who can make Yahoo #1 for ‘ search engine’ keyphrase in Yahoo’. Ask did not give me a top 10 listing so I am going to throw them at #10. MSN is really sick and I do not consider it a search engine so no top 10 ranking”. (see the results)

MSN says, “I am really sick as according to me neither yahoo not Google is a search engine. For me submitexpress, a SEO company, is a search engine. I love spamming and most of my results say that. I know that I am not a good search engine so I have not given myself a ranking. Everyone is giving ask a rank in top 10 so I will give them 2 positions, one at # 3 and another at # 10.” (see the results)

ASK says, “If everyone says I am #1 let myself me #1, ask is #1. Google, yahoo and msn are no search engines as they do a lot of other activities. I have reciprocal linking so I have not given them a place in top 10.” (see the results)

I do not know why I did this post, may be to say that MSN is really sick.

A good experiment – Do not forget to read my post on the GYM experiment for a low valued keyphrase to understand various algorithm.

A paradox here – Is google a good search engine? It says yes, it ranks #1 for “search engine”. The worst search engine as proved above is msn and many will agree with me. If google is a good search engine then why is it ranking msn as fourth.