Exclusive SEO advices for Hedir members

I hate to explain people what SEO means as in my opinion SEO is waste of time unless you know what’s next. Reading what is there in public and then applying it is a big risk. I always said (and will continue to say) that best SEO is no SEO.

Hedir has impressed me with its latest Friday 13th releases. Before I get into my offer to Hedir members, let me tell you that Hedir is challenging and threatening digg.com, reddit and similar sites as it has multiple diggs and multiple reddits now. I loved to shill for Hedir and will continue to do so till the world accept it as the best directory.

Do read http://www.hedir.com/cafe/13-thefriday.html, I always knew that Hedir is born of character not of personality, they knew what they were doing. Great work.

Going back to my special SEO section for Hedir. I may (no guarantee but) offer some real secrets for hedir members. I am no expert else I would have been hired by yahoo to make yahoo #1 for keyphrase “search engine” in yahoo :). There are no experts in SEO field only good observants, I am happy to be one but do not want to force you to believe it. Here are some advices you may want to adopt.

Exclusive Hedir Advice : Do not check yahoo backlinks when you are logged in to yahoo account, same for Google. Also do not check backlinks regularly. Do SEO activities and then restart your dialup connection to get a new IP. Uninstall all the toolbars. Clear cookies after every SEO activities. I generally do not offer such depths. This is only for Hedir members.

Complete discussion available at http://www.hedir.com/marketing/about17278.html#47251 and ask questions