MSN launches linkfromdomain operator

I know I am little slow to offer the info but here are some indepth to it as a compensation for the delay.

What is linkfromdomain operator?
Check this MSN page (click here), it tells you about the outbound links or outgoing links or external links from a domain. In simpler words, “to how many external (other domains) webpages are your domain linking to”. The above mentioned link will tell you that links to , and many more domains.

Is it important?
Yes, it is important. Some 3 years back people use to feel uncomfortable with outgoing links and some even called it a PR leakage. That was the era when PR was everything but now things have changed. And with Blog the outgoing links are very much a part of our culture. If you do not link to any external website then your domain will be called the dead corner of Internet. Internet defines link as the way of communication among various entities of web and it is advised not to have a dead end site.

Does it help in good ranking?
There has been many debate on this issues across various forums. IMO it does help, link to good and relevant neighborhood. Linking to expert webpages also help. I am not the one whom you can catch for tidbits of SEO, so that’s all to this paragraph.

Here are some more tips with operators

  1. link: Are you aware of This will tell you the total webpages linking to or .
  2. linkdomain: Here is another operator which will tell you total inbound or incoming links to all the pages of your domain (I do not think this is documented anywhere).
  3. linkdomain: -site: This will tell you how many external incoming links do you have for your site. See the result (works in yahoo only, MSN is not giving me the right results)

Using these combinations you can do a few experiments. Even though MSN is offering something new but IMO MSN is still sick