Orkut’s misinterpreted strength is finally interpreted

I wrote about “Is Orkut’s Memetic strength a misinterpretation?“. Now finally Orkut has accepted it as a part of its service. In short,

  • Orkut developed a feature for use A (for adding tidbits of information to your profile).
  • Market misinterpreted it and used it for B (for chatting).
  • use B became its strength.
  • I blogged about it and many people read about it :).
  • Now use B is accepted as a part of Orkut. It remains no more a misinterpretation.
  • Lesson learned – The dumbest customer is smarter than your smartest developer, let them define it. (Also read “Marketers should be dumber than customer” and “Why programmers are Lazy and Dumb” ) 

Now this reply button which is recently added explains the acceptance of use B. Also it tells you that initially Orkut scrapbook was not made for chatting.

Is this a good move?
In my honest opinion (IMHO) this (adding the reply button) is a bad move. Why so? As it will stop people (few if not many) from visiting other’s scrapbook, which will dilute it’s memetic strength. When I visit others scrapbook to add a scrap I can generally notice,

  • a new common friend who is not added to my list scrapping there.
  • Some of my friends changing their avatars and people discussing about it.
  • Some other tidbits.

All the above bulleted points kept Orkut live and viral. IMO Orkut should remove it, I used to get dozens of scraps by changing avatars and people used to find me from other’s scrapbook.

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  1. I think they are trying to clear the confusions. People are not using the scrapbook in the way it should be. Some people are writing in their own scrapbook. Hence the reply button is added.

    When I first saw the reply button and used it, I visited the scrapbook where I posted just after hitting the submit button to see if it has been posted there or not. Once I am habituated, I won’t visit others’ scrapbook when I am in a hurry.

    What if it takes me to my friend’s scrapbook once I hit the submit button? It will clear the confusion and will let me know what others’ are talking about!

  2. To me, its an another effort to get more people into it. Its all their marketing stunt. The instant reply is handy feature atleast for people like me.

  3. i think it is good that “reply ” button is added. visiting other profile is for younger genarations .
    first google didn’t apply it bcz they want that ppl visist other scarps. now ppl are addicted. but in office or some proffesional are not comfortable with this due to lack of time . using reply button they can minimise the time to write message.
    this new feature will genarate morw traffic as well popularity to orkut .

    some of my friends in CTS told me that whole mass of CTS welcome this features . in their busy shedule theu can reply their near and dear within short spam of time.

  4. Yes, Ravi…the reply button saves 2 clicks. I enjoyed orkut most while using the reply button b/c w/e be the purpose of scrapbook, it is used for conversation and reply button has enhanced it definitely.

    BTW, I’m still reading others’ scrapbook whenever I am getting time 😉

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