Phplist and Phpbb integration

I am not well and having some fever so can’t outside home. Some soft music and programming in my pajamas is no less programming heaven for a part time programmer like me.

You too can join me, the latest documentation is available at You can put you suggestion as comments under this thread. Jesse Heap has already helped me with wordpress and phplist integration.

Few of requirements,

  • Need to understand how the rss feed based subscriptions work.
  • Integrating means nothing is repeated and thus phpbb and phplist sharing the login system.
  • The documentation will help me work in phases.

Join me, add a comment and I will contact you. Also if you are interested add a comment that I can keep you updated with the progress.

4 Replies to “Phplist and Phpbb integration”

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  2. Hey guys, Im new here so Im gonna get straight to the point and hope to get some good replys 
    Im getting a lot of popups when Im browsing the internet, sometimes even when Im not at the computer, I leave it on for
    an hour and when I get back I have 2-3 popups that have appeared from nowhere. How can I remove this? Im really not intrested
    in finding adult friends or downloading a new screen saver 😀 

    Okay I hope you can give me any ideas, Im gonna check back to the forum in couple days to see what you have suggested, Bye! 

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