Some special Guests from Lawrenceville COG

Recently we had some special guests from Lawrenceville Church of God.

John Colbaugh, senior pastor
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(Rev John Colbaugh, Senior Pastor enjoying the Indian Coffee/Tea). He spoke about how Jesus came to give life to the world. “Not to destroy but to love and give life to many”, the message was wonderful.

Bro Harry Swilly and Bro John Tullis
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As Rev K.M Thankachan Uncle (Overseer for two Indian regions) said, Bro Harry Swilly is a good 72 year young grand dad to many. He worked in General motors for 32 years and has a great testimony to share about his healing. With him is Brother John Tullis, an architecture who have build many church buildings.

Bro Lawrence Jeffords
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He is Brother Lawrence Jeffords. He shared some of his experiences with us.

Good to meet different people different parts of the world. God may bless them and their ministries.